Fletcher - FD25

  • Make: Fletcher
  • Model: FD25
  • Year: 1953
  • Registration No: N240FD
  • Serial No: 3
  • Total Time: 380
  • Engine Time: 380
  • Prop Time: 380
  • Annual Due:
  • Useful Load:






Sold with a fresh Annual.
This is the only remaining airworthy Fletcher FD25. Two are museum pieces in Japan. This FD25 was built in the US (Fletcher Aircraft, Pasadena). The FD25 was built under license in Japan by Toyo Aircraft in Japan and used in Laos.
This aircraft comes with a large quantity of spares, molds for casting, technical drawings, rocket rails, reflector sight and more. It is a simple aircraft to build, fly and maintain.
It has a 28V electrical system, is stressed +6 -4g's and the base armament consists of 2x .30 Brownings with 1000 rounds per wing (not included). Two wing hard-points are rated at 500 pounds. Eight rocket rails can accommodate 32x2.5" rockets. Other rocket rails and tubes with dummy Orlick 2.5" rocket
Empty Weight= 1387 lbs
Gross Weigh=2700 lbs
Useful Load=1313 lbs
50 gals
Max Speed=240mph
Stalls=35mph with 40 degrees of flap
Service ceiling=21,000
Continental E225 rated at 250HP, Hartzell variable pitch
This aircraft and supporting technical documents would make an ideal basis for production. The FD25 was made as a tandem two place. It can be converted to make a great two place sport plane. It generates a crowd plus is an inexpensive aircraft to fly and maintain. It could be easily configured into an armed UAV.


US$89,000 OBO